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Title: Thai vocal musicians in Ratanakosin Period.
Authors: Pansak Vandee
Issue Date: 2553
Abstract: names, the biographies and the works of these artists. This study also contains and synthesizes details about singing inheritance limited especially artists in this research. This study has been done by analyzing the information paper and related works. This study shows the biographies and the works of 99 Ratanakosin vocal musicians, 47 men and 52 women. Moreover there are 4 groups of singing inheritance, mainly the royal concubine Sila naBangchang in King Rama II 5 groups, praya Prasan Duriyasab group, Praya Sanohduriyang group and luang Praditpiroh group. Suggestions 1. It should collect the recorded work of other vocal musician. 2. It should synthesize the other fields of Thai music.
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