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Title: A Study of Guiding Presentation in French.
Authors: Assistant Professor Nuchanat Handumrongkul
Issue Date: 2553
Abstract: The research aimed to develop French teaching and studying for Tourism with 3 main purposes: to analyze �Moves' used in French linguistic features; to study the linguistic features used in oral presentations in tourist attractions or �Guide Speak', and to study contents in guiding presentation. The study employed an interview method with presentation recording in authentic situation, having 4 tourist guides as respondents and information providers. The data was analyzed via moves based on John Swales', linguistic features and contents. The results found that there are 8 moves used, namely, Welcoming, Introducing oneself , Drawing someone's attention, Giving information, Explaining, Highlighting,Persuading and Saying goodbye. In term of language, the study showed the features as an oral and semi-formal; meanwhile, the contents covered the outstanding characteristics of the places and well integrated with other contents. It is notified that only one aspect of thought could make a very limited goal in guiding presentation. Therefore, a variety of thoughts could give more achievement. Research in other aspects was highly recommended, including the usage of moves in various situations �related to French for tourist guides; the comparison on Guide Speak between the native and Thai guides.
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