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Title: The analysis of Krue Luen SunTharawatin 's tableau vivant singing style.
Authors: Pansak Vandee
Issue Date: 2553
Abstract: The study of The analysis of Krue luen SunTharawatin 's Tableau vivant singing style aims to study the development and the format of Tableau vivant and Krue Luen SunTharawatin 's Tableau vivant singing style. The study has been done by analyze the information paper and interviewing Thai music experts. Tableau vivant was composed by Prince Narisaranuwantiwrong in the reing of King RamaV It was for the Crown Prince Mahawatchirunahid to perform with still photography in the court. It was performed by Pipad Dukdramban ensemble. This Tableau vivant was revived in the reign of King Rama VII in order to be performed for royal attendance. The format of Tableau vivant can be divined into 2 types. The fist emphasizes melody. The other tells thestory. For Krue luen SunTharawatin 's Tableau vivant was newly composed by Praya Sanohduriyang, Krue luen SunTharawatin 's farther, in the reign of King Rama VII. It was aims to be sung by Krue luen SunTharawatin. Suggestion 1. It should compare Tableau vivant singing style between artists in King Rama V and Krue luen SunTharawatin. 2. It should study other kinds of Thai classical music.
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