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Title: A Comparative study of Thai and Balinese temple festival dress.
Authors: Associate Professor Jaruphan Supprung
Issue Date: 2555
Abstract: The purposes of this research wereto study on Thai temple festival and Balinese temple festival and the comparison of Thai temple festival dress and Balinese temple festival dress for creating the knowledge which can be useful for Thai attitudes and cultural perceptions, especially for Thai Yiuth and Thai children. The findinds of the research disclosrd that there are 4 temple festivals of Thai Buddhists such as Songkranfestival, Buddhist lent festival,Sartduen sib festival and End of Buddhist lent festival. Which Hindu Balinese have 3 temple festivals such as Odalan festival, Galungan festival and Nyepi festival. Thai Songkran festival is the New Year Celebration like BalineseNyepi festival. AndThai Songkran festival and Sartduen sib festival have the same purpose as Balinese Galungan festival in practice of dedicating merit to the spirits of deceased relatives. In these temple festivals, Thai Buddhist men will wear round collarouterwear and wide leg trousers or loincloths but neverwear headdresses;while Balinese Hindu men wear turbans or fabric headband, shirts and Sarong; as same as Sarong of Thai Buddhist men in central and northern part of Thailand. Most of Thai Buddhidhist women wear Sarong like Balinese Hindu women but wear only round collar outerwear, while Balinese Hindu women wear diamond neck camisole as inner wear and shawl collar as outerwear.
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