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Title: A Study of Farming Earthworms commercial with Organic Waste
Authors: Miss Phrutsaya Piyanusorn
Mrs.Wannee Sutajaidee
Issue Date: 2555
Abstract: This study. Purposes. To study the situation and eliminate artificial barriers and potential. The farming and marketing costs of the earthworms fed with commercial organic waste.To promote the use of renewable organic waste and reduce the amount of waste requiring disposal. And create added value. This study focuses on qualitative and quantitative research. By surveyed farm animals. Sample depth. To analyze the strengths, weaknesses and problems terms and limitations. For further improvements. Which covers the cost of marketing and farm management. The results were as follows. The results of the soil types are suitable for the growth of earthworms and the earthworms after 60 days of treatment, soil mixing soil fruits are most appropriate. Growth of earthworms in this period. With the increase in size and number, but also the embryo of earthworms and earthworm mortality in all the experiments. This may be due to the condition of the party is too crowded. The Ngmsawkgaw added to soil to increase moisture to the cells cultured on the surface of the soil, subsoil moisture too inappropriate for the growth of earthworms. In addition, contamination of soil pollution, including soil type affect the growth of earthworms. Mixed with various materials together to make a pond earthworms ventilation, which can affect the growth of earthworms. The location of the pond should be located in a place where the sun is and should be a reasonable amount of food for earthworms.Characterization of soil samples were found to have a mild alkaline nutrient found that the amount detected in the degradable compost from the earthworms did not differ between samples. For example, a piece of grass, banana with rice straw and nitrogen percentage. All but the most high-phosphorus fertilizer when compared with the standard of the Department of Agriculture is also less than earthworm, which may be due to the reduced nutrient discharge reduction. Value of earthworms to the high nutrient availability on earthworms, which would result in the release of plant nutrients is increased. In addition to increasing the amount of plant nutrients in the compost that has given rise to consideration of a banquet meal. In particular, certain agricultural wastes with low nutrient content. Used to add nutrients which may be in the form of manure. Especially chicken manure. Dried blood or plants with high nitrogen like legumes addition to plant nutrients in the compost on the growth of plants and the resulting growth of earthworm soil.The performance of compost on growth of starter plants. 14 and 21 days after seedling nursery seedling plants with average height and average leaf number. Average root length and the cultivation of the 21 were not significantly different. But the seedlings are not completely full of water from a taper which may result from the use of compost as a tightly packed mass. Can not retain moisture well born (2537) states that the properties of the plant material must not retain moisture well. Is clear to drain off easily. The nutrients in compost may not be sufficient for the growth of the seedlings, which should add more key nutrients. Suggestions for further research. 1 Should compare the performance of each earthworm species in the decomposition of organic waste is biodegradable. 2. A feasibility study of how to make compost using earthworms digest. By comparing each method.
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