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Title: A Study of Forms and Ornaments on Sino-Portuguese Architecture to Create Souvenir Designs in Phuket Province
Authors: Assistant Professor Somsakul Jerasilp
Issue Date: 2555
Abstract: The research , A Study of Forms and Ornaments on Sino-Portuguese Architecture to Create Souvenir Designs in Phuket Province , has main objectives of: 1) To search Identity of Forms and Ornaments on Phuket Sino-Portuguese Architecture 2) To development and Added Value for Souvenir Product by Creation of Forms and Architectural Ornaments The study is divided into general information from various documents and specific information form field study and 472 Tourists ’ questionnaires & interview and the survey in Form and Ornament , Photo and Drawing Records for Appreciate Analysis of Architecture and Souvenir Product Design Findings indicated that: 1) The Form of Buildings in this research are saperated in 4 type. 1. 1 The First Type : This Main Building form is Chinese Styles. Forms and ornaments are simple and the roof style is Chinese Tradition Style. . 1.2 The Second Type : Forms and ornaments are Classis or Neo-Classis & Chinese Styles , the Special Character of Archictecture is the pathway that called Arcade. 1.3 The Thrid Type : The Forms and Ornaments Character that like The Second Type Building but The Constructions are the Reinforced Concrete. 1.4 The Fourth type : This Style group is simple Form and Ornament . The Building Constructions are the Reinforced Concrete . For, forms and ornaments that is Art Deco Style. 2) The Form of Ornaments on Architecture in this research are saperated in 4 Groups. 2.1 The First Group :. Natural Ornaments 2.2 The Second Group : Geometric Ornaments 2.3 The Thrid Group : Artificial Ornaments 2.4 The Fourth Group : Alphabets Ornaments This discovery are The Identity of Sino-Portuguese Architecture Architectural in Old Phuket Area that to be Created for New 8 Souvenir Set to development and Added Value .
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