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Title: Safety of Maintenance Technicians in Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University.
Authors: Mr. Aran kwanpan
Miss. Chanakarn pongsasanongkul
Keywords: Safety performance
Safety Maintenance
Issue Date: 2555
Abstract: This research aimed to study analysis and standard safety operator procedure, of Maintenance Technicians in Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University. The study samples were in 5 groups of people, is the Carpenter, the Plumber, the Electrician, the Gardener and the Sanitation. Select samples by Risk Assessment, The third group of samples is an electrician, the Gardener and the Sanitation. The sample included 21 participants.The research conducted by studying the baseline data of professions and occupational health hazards, survey the working condition and monitoring the physical working environment in each occupational group. The qualitative data collections were used by observing, in-depth interviewing and focus group discussions. The professional group relationship and occupational health problem understanding were builded. The developing of learning model and problem solving process for occupational health and safety were used by searching the working problem. Problem analysis with professional groups was taken by job safety analysis in order to be the way for prevention and control actions. So, Maintenance Technicians have confidence in their work. His work routine operations, or experience. Sometimes like to work on challenging and risky. Do not use tools, personal protective equipment. Because employees are all working for a long time. A focus on safety in the workplace few. His is Operate in the same manner. For a long time, in environments that do not fit. Operate Symptoms of illness, Such as Neck pain, arm pain, leg pain, low back pain and waist and knees. Problems with eyes, Such as Eye pain, eye blurry and burning eyes. Injuries from the accident in work weekly, The impact of falls and injuries hit by falling from a height. Health care when illness and injuries. Major cause of safety problems of maintenance, the employer did not focus on safety in the workplace, no safety management is substantial. no knowledge is required and appropriate and no provision of adequate personal protective equipment appropriate to the task.
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