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Title: Package Logo Design of Thai-soil Crafts Club in Nonthaburi Province
Authors: Miss. Kwanjai Sukkon
Miss. Namfon Lukkham
Miss. Bannasorn Santhan
Issue Date: 2555
Abstract: This research aimed to study the package logo design of Thai-soil crafts created by Thai-soil Crafts Club in Nonthaburi Province. It also evaluated a satisfaction on such package logo design of Thai-soil crafts. The data were collected from 10 club members who created Thai-soil crafts and 50 buyers/customers. The research instruments used for the data collection were the unstructured interview, questionnaire, and satisfaction survey. The research findings are as follows: According to the questionnaire responded by the members of the Thai-soil Crafts Club in Nonthaburi Province, the target group preferred Design No. 1 because the rectangular graphic is very outstanding. A lotus, namely, the symbol of the Club, was used in the package logo design. Thus, the name and the brand of the products were collectively recognized as “Bua Sawan” (Lotus in Heaven). The five-star OTOP mark was also applied to the package logo. For the satisfaction survey, the buyers/customers were very satisfied with the package logo of the Thai-soil crafts in a high level because the logo is beautiful, unique, compact, easily-recognized and outstanding, and can be commercially registered. Overall, the package logo can certainly identify the products and their specifications. In addition, the logo can inclusively and directly present the details of the crafts.
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