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Title: Analysis and development model to prevent the dangers of working in non-formal. Samut Songkhram Province.
Authors: Mr. Aran kwanpan
Keywords: Develop model to prevent the dangers
Issue Date: 2554
Abstract: This research aimed to study analysis and develop model to prevent the dangers of working in non-formal. Samut Songkhram Province. The study samples were in 2 groups of people, they the people who had professions Handicraft coconut shell, and Handicraft Banjarong. The research conducted by studying the baseline data of professions and occupational health hazards, survey the working condition and monitoring the physical working environment in each occupational group. The qualitative data collections were used by observing, in-depth interviewing and focus group discussions. The professional group relationship and occupational health problem understanding were builded. The developing of learning model and problem solving process for occupational health and safety were used by searching the working problem. Problem analysis with professional groups was taken by job safety analysis in order to be the way for prevention and control actions. The professional groups learning follow up and evaluation methods were used in order to find out the standard model and appropriate. So, the job safety analysis was be easier and better understanding for the professional groups in order to find out the prevention and control action. Due to the Handicraft professions of the professional groups had many different conditions, for examples; differences of working places, differences of working environmental management which they were the constraints of many working places. But the Handicraft professions of the professional groups still had many similar conditions, for examples; working styles, working postures and working equipments. In additions, the professional groups needed more knowledge and training from The public sector. The more knowledge they needed were 2 basic knowledge: ergonomics, and environmental improvement.
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