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Title: A Development of Cartoon Animation 2D Story: Dharma Design Part Thankfulness Walking Stick
Authors: Miss Busarin Eamthanakul
Issue Date: 2554
Abstract: An objective of this research is to develop a learning media about 2D animation in the title “Dharma Design: Thankfulness Walking Stick”. Also, the target groups of this research are students from 3rd to 6th grade in a primary school as well as general interested people. There are three main processes in the research implementation. First is the process of creating 2D animation. Second is the process of making an evaluation form for the animation. As well, third are the processes of experiment and gathering information. The Sample group for this research is the 30 of 4th grade primary students from Wat Bang Plad School. Moreover, a questionnaire method is used for data gathering. As well, the research uses average and standard deviation values in order to analyze data. A result of this research evaluates an appreciation value from thirty people in the sample group. Furthermore, an evaluation result could be separated in three categories. The first category is an animation that has x = 4.63 and S.D. = 0.45. The second category is an exercise that has x = 4.83 and S.D. = 0.36. And the third category is a jigsaw game that has x = 4.78 and S.D. = 0.41. In addition, a summary from the evaluation result concludes that this 2D animation can be used for a learning efficiently.
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