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Title: Class action research for learning activities development by using open ended problems for thinking development process in additional mathematics Matthayom 1 of Suansunantha University demonstration school
Authors: Natthapon Kachathorn
Issue Date: 2554
Abstract: This work propose that develop effective thinking, analysis and reasonability by using open ended problems and perform the researching teachers use class action research for adaptive activity in her class. The used group in this research as students in Matthayom1 class no.3 of Suansunundha demonstration school, 49 students, first semester 2010 in additional mathematics. We use the Classroom Action Research: CAR process be tool for manage learning and provide theory for solve learning problems in class, we were observed the student’s thinking in mathematics class that they are at least think about solving problem, calculate and synthesis new path to solving, Child center activity be approached to new method and be several tools e.g. teacher’s memory reports, activity sheets, student’s diaries, exercise sheets and testing such have questions about open ended problems which be developed for thinking process of students. The encoding and transformation of these data we use describing and analysis methods by draw a thinking’s diagram which be made by researching teacher. This result be found that the effective thinking of analysis and reasonability by using the open ended problems activity to leaner score records in class better than before using our method, be observed from the score records, the oral answers in class and help for added co operative learning in class too. Moreover we have a good experience concern with developing questions for teacher in skill practice and searching the technique for this learning activity. This research still reflexes the problems in research’s working and applies the appropriate teaching method.
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