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Title: The isolation of nosocomial pathogens from cancer patients
Authors: Dr. Yuttana Sudjaroen
Keywords: Nosocomial infection (NI)
Hospital-acquired infection
Issue Date: 2554
Abstract: Isolation, characterization and antimicrobial resistance of bacteria and yeasts, were causative agents for hospital acquired infections in cancer patients. This investigation was conducted in specimens from cancer patients, who were admitted in National Cancer Institute, Thailand during 2010. The isolated bacteria were 1,292 isolates contained, gram-negative bacteria (Enterobacteriaceae) mainly Escherichia coli (18.34%, n = 237) and Klebsilla pneumoniae (8.44%, n = 109); non-fermented gram negative bacteria (NFB) mainly Pseudomonas aeruginosa (7.28%, n = 94) and Acinetobactor baumanii (5.11%, n = 66); gram positive bacteria mainly Staphylococcus aureus (16.1%, n = 208) and Enterococcus spp. (3.64%, n = 47). Most of 182 isolated yeasts were included Candida albicans (43.96%, n =80), C. tropicalis (29.12%, n =53), C. parakrusei (16.48%, n = 30) and C. krusei (4.4%, n = 8), respectively. The main sources of infection was Non-ICU (IPD) (55.23%, n = 95), and respiratory system was the main sites of infection (50.71%, n = 107). Methicillin resistance S. aureus (MRSA) was 39.9% (n = 83). E. coli was the most extend spectrum beta-lactamase (ESBLs) producing bacteria (69.1%, n = 96). Multi-drug resistance (MDR), were mainly Acinetobactor baumanii (48.86%, n = 43). The numbers of drug-resistance bacteria including, MRSA, ESBLs and MDR were increased when comparing previous study. Therefore, rate of drug resistance was decreased (excepted A. baumannii and S. maltophila). This finding showed the number of hospital acquired infections in cancer patients, which were trend to be higher than previous study with increment of drug resistance bacteria. In contrast, drug resistance rates were lower, because proper antimicrobial usage of medical doctor.
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