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Title: Brand Building for Products in Samut Songkhram Province
Authors: Miss Chutikarn Sriwiboon
Miss Cholpassorn Sitthiwarongchai
Miss Phrutsaya Piyanusorn
Mrs. Wannee Sutthachaidee
Issue Date: 2554
Abstract: The purpose of this research wants to create a brand for Samut Songkhram products. The study focuses on the qualitative and quantitative research. In Samut Songkhram. The focus groups are entrepreneurs and consumers. To study in the perceptions and attitudes of consumers towards the product of Samut Songkhram and the opinions of entrepreneurs about the product of Samut Songkhram. Branding the Samut Songkhram products and Strategic planning for the marketing communications of the Samut Songkhram Products. The results 1. The analysis of data on a sample of 400 people found that the majority were female (63.2%) aged 20-39 years, up to 41.0% and 53.8% Marital status Single most up to date with the most professional business owners. 28.5% level of education. Is lower than bachelor's and 74.5% earning less than 10,000 baht per month for up to 58.0% of 3-4 family members have the most up to 48.0% to 22.4% a week for up to a product group. To buy a branded product. Goods on a daily basis for up to 46.6%. 2. Information about consumer behavior. The data analysis showed that No problem of shopping at branded the most up to 80.5% frequency of purchase, the brand is more than one time per week. Buy branded goods from the premises. Select a department store "brand exclusive to any one brand up to 50.5%. 3. Information about factors that influence the decision to buy branded products. Considering all the results are as follows. Samples with the highest average mark of quality assurance agencies, Such as FDA., Halal by an average of 3.97 on price when you consider all the results as follows. Samples with the highest average on the norm in pricing. The average value of 3.85 for distribution. Considering all the results are as follows. Samples with the highest average on the branded products can be purchased easily. The average value of 3.99 for the promotion. Considering all the results are as follows. Samples with the highest average on the campaign through various media. Makes it possible to get brand recognition. The average value of 3.94. 4. Approach to branding, the brand of Samut Songkhram. The No. 1 brand Samut Figure 3 percent at 85.75 the second is “loudly a drum” Figure 2, representing 60.75 per cent respectively, which plans to build the brand. 4.1 A Samut Songkhram brand design guideline to achieve a number of factors related to success is to differentiate itself from other brands on the market. The unique selling point for the brand. And differences. 4.2 Approach to brand communication of Samut Songkhram. The brand recognition among Thai consumers. And can compete with foreign brands. These are crucial to the success of the brand. Brand communication is what the brand owners of Samut Songkhram must pay more attention to this matter seriously. And they must learn and understand this. Do not think that brand communication is not important. Or exceed the capacity of its own. Brand communication is not always necessary to take an enormous amount of money will only succeed, but what is more important than the money is to understand this fully. The brand communication is a process that must be done in the long run they will see the results. The result is worth the investment. 5. Planning, marketing communications strategy for the product of Samut Songkhram. Should have a strategy to provide information about products and services. Strategy to build credibility and trust in products and services of the province. Strategy experience through special events. Strategy for the brand and its image. To Borrowed - interest Strategy Pass Strategy, and 7 Strategic relationships with the media. Recommendations from the study. The study had the following suggestions. 1. Brand owners in Thailand Should be allocated. In brand communication systematically; it is a principle; this will require that the budget for brand communication, it is useful to investors. The brand communication is to be seen in the long run. Cannot be measured in a short time. Brand owners should be made to communicate the Thai brand has continued. In order to achieve effective and sustainable brand. 2. The government should provide certain benefits to brand owners in Thailand. It will promote the brand in Thailand is likely to compete with foreign brands. Otherwise, the brand has the advantage of foreign capital will dominate the market. And increase the distance between the Thai and foreign products, brand and more. 3. Thailand should take the brand communication has actual knowledge of the operation. Thailand because of the brand communication is still possible in the form of the incoming flow. This is not the correct approach. Brand owners should have to hire people with expertise. And experience. In the brand communication. Although wages are higher, but it is worth more. 4. Conducting research to find ways to communicate the brand in Thailand. It is essential. Because the research is to discover consumers' Consumer Insight. As well as consumers to communicate it more effectively. Suggestions for further research. 1. This study focuses on the study of communication is a major brand in Thailand. To make it clearer should conduct a study on branding, together with Thailand. Because of the Thai brand to be successful or not does not depend only on brand communication. However, it must depend on other elements of the brand as well. 2. In a study of brand communication in Thailand. Should be compared to approaches in the international brand communication. The data was analyzed as a foreign brand. And there will be any way to be able to develop a successful brand communication, Thailand.
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