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dc.contributor.authorMiss Kitda Praraththajariya-
dc.description.abstractThe main purpose of this research was to study the design of English materials to communicate the identity of Bang Poo Seaside Resort for sustainable tourism. The qualitative data was collected through studying related materials exploring the area, in-depth interviews with three groups of people, three direct responsible officers who were key informants of the Resort, thirty foreign tourists and five Thai Tourist guides. A content analysis was used to analyze the qualitative data. The two main findings of the study were as follow: 1. The identity of the Bang Poo Seaside Resort is the area controlled by the Royal Thai Army. The working unit which runs and looks after the Resort is the seaside resort administration known as the Royal Thai Army Quartermaster’s Department. This establishment was built to be a resort near the sea for normal people, consisting of rest accommodations. On site there is a restaurant where food and drinks are served, a grand ballroom used to dance for health, rich mangrove forests and a learning center, the Royal Thai Army Natural Study Center. The center was built to honor and commemorate Her Royal Highness Queen Sirikit’s 72nd birthday and is the only place in Thailand where the greatest number of seagulls migrating from Siberia can be seen from November to May each year. 2. The communication of the identity of the Bang Poo Seaside Resort which the researcher could find and design to present in English materials can be summed up in 6 items: 1) The history of Bang Poo Seaside Resort 2) The prominent Suk Ta bridge and Suk Jai pavilion 3) Watching seagulls 4) Rich mangrove forests and 5) Learning center: Royal Thai Army Natural Study Center built to honor and commemorate Queen Sirikit’s 72nd birthday. 6) How to keep Bang Poo Seaside Resort for sustainable tourism.TH
dc.titleThe Design of English Materials to Communicate the Identity of Bang Poo Seaside Resort for Sustainable TourismTH
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