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Title: A Study of Guiding Presentation in French
Authors: Assistant Professor Nuchanat Handumrongkul
Issue Date: 2553
Abstract: The research aimed to develop French teaching and studying for Tourism with 3 main purposes: to analyze ‘Moves’ used in French linguistic features; to study the linguistic features used in oral presentations in tourist attractions or ‘Guide Speak’, and to study contents in guiding presentation. The study employed an interview method with presentation recording in authentic situation, having 4 tourist guides as respondents and information providers. The data was analyzed via moves based on John Swales’, linguistic features and contents. The results found that there are 8 moves used, namely, Welcoming, Introducing oneself , Drawing someone’s attention, Giving information, Explaining, Highlighting, Persuading and Saying goodbye. In term of language, the study showed the features as an oral and semi-formal; meanwhile, the contents covered the outstanding characteristics of the places and well integrated with other contents. It is notified that only one aspect of thought could make a very limited goal in guiding presentation. Therefore, a variety of thoughts could give more achievement. Research in other aspects was highly recommended, including the usage of moves in various situations –related to French for tourist guides; the comparison on Guide Speak between the native and Thai guides.
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