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Title: This research on the handicraft product made of Vetiver
Authors: MISS. Rosjana Chandhasa
MISS. Kanittha Rungwannasak
MR.Panu Pattanapanitipong
Issue Date: 2553
Abstract: This research on the handicraft product made of Vetiver has the following objectives. 1.) To study the existing handicraft product made of Vetiver .2.)To design and develop the handicrafts products made of Vetiver These products must be aesthetic and well served market demand.3.)To analyse feedback on the designed handicraft products for development into production which will strengthen local community. The samplings of this research are 100 Bangkok residents. They were interviewed for their needs of the products. Thereafter, the ideas were assessed by three local community product manufacturers and three product design specialists for the applicability to develop into a product. The prototype was then created to obtain the opinion of the potential customers. The research reveals the followings: 1.) Rocking chair made of Vetiver received the highest score in terms of consumer need follow by lady handbags and partitions. 2.)The analysis of the rocking chair by product design specialists gave the highest score in the areas of design, practicality for use, suitability with the material and production process, aesthetic and uniqueness 2.)The analysis of opinion of the potential customers on the designed rocking chair gave the highest satisfaction for its benefit of use follow by its modern design.
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