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Title: Marketing Mix and Custimer Behaviors in Using Spa Service: A Case Study of Chomphu de Spa, Nonthaburi Province
Authors: Mir. Voraphhat Lueangrujiwong
Issue Date: 2557
Abstract: The objective of thus resarch was tostudy the relationships of marketing mix with customer behaviors in using spa services at Chomphu Phujha de Spa in Nonthaburi province. The research sample consisted of 400 customers of Chomphu Phukha de Spa, obtained by convenience sampling every day umtil the number of subject in the sample reached 400. A questionnaire, developed and tested for validity and reliability by the reseacher, was employed to collect research data. The SPSS for Windows, Version 11.5 Program was employed to process the data. Statistics for data analisis were the percentage, mean, standard, t-test, one-way analysis of variance, and Pearson's correlation. Research findings showed that the majority of customers were females, between 21-25 years old, with bacheloe's degree educational level, with averaged monthly income between 8,001-26,001 baht, with occupation as private company employees, with single status. The opinions of customers were at the high level toward marketing mix aspects of products and service as whole, price as a whole, location as a whole, and life style as a whole, except for the aspect of sales promotion which was at the moderate level. Results of data analysis with inferential statistics revealed the following: 1. The frequency of using spa services correlated with gender, age, educational level, and income; while customer's expenses per visit correlated with gender, age, income, occopation, and marital status. 2. Marketing mix factors of produvts and service, price, location, marketing promotion, and life style corrlated with the frequency per month in using the servives. 3. Marking mix factors of products and service, location, and life style correlated with the customer's expenses per visit. 4. The trend for using spa services in the future correlated with the frequency per month in using the services.
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