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Title: A Study of Performing Arts Businesses: The Case of Variety Dance Company Limited
Authors: Associate Professor Dr. Chomanat Kitkan|Associate Professor Dr. Parinapa Jitrapan
Issue Date: 2557
Abstract: This research studies the organizational management methods and marketing strategies of performing arts businesses, and the designs and creativities on the performing arts for business of Variety Dance Company Limited. Data was collected from various relevant books, researches and other documentations, as well as directly from field studies using theories on business organization together with theories on performing arts. The findings are as follows: 1. There are two aspects identified in regards to the patterns and methods of organizational management and marketing strategies of the performing arts business: First, the internal organizational structure of the organization is divided into nine sections. Each section is responsible to Mr. Nipol Wanmahin, director of Variety Dance Company Limited. Second, staff development in the performing arts industry focuses on outstanding traits, looks and capabilities of performers that would satisfy and impress the audience as well as the employer. This would allow the staff to earn a secure income and become recognized in the performing arts industry circles in a sustained manner. 2. The design in creating performing arts works for business: The organization apparently employs its design methods and creativity to produce performing arts works by adhering to the needs of clients and at the same time preserving Thai culture and traditions. The company's role is expressing its potential in inventing various styles of performing art works by emphasizing creative elements and using its unique characteristics to create a good image in the performing arts of the company at present. Thus, this research not only pioneers the idea of studying the performing arts business but it is also a source of information on company management structure and organization, as well as the information source about designs and creativities of performing art works for business. Besides, this research presents a new body of knowledge to advance and disseminate understanding of the performing arts industry for the future.
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