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Title: The Develop Achievement of Under Graduate Student of Printing Technology Department by Online Learning Media on Printing Material.
Authors: Mr. Wat Ploysri
Issue Date: 2553
Abstract: The objectives of this project were to construct the online learning media on printing material, to evaluate lesson quality by specialists, and to evaluate learning achievement and learners? satisfaction. The research tools were: 1) online learning media on printing material 2) lesson quality evalution form for specialist 3) learning achievement test ,The research experimental group were composed of 24 1st year undergraduate from Department of Printing Technology, Faculty of Industrial and Technology, Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University. The evalution revealed the average score of content quality media was 4.26, which is good, and the average score of production quality was 4.08, which is also good. The overall posttest learners? learning achievement was higher than that of pretest at the statistical significant level of 0.05.
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