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Title: The Development of an e-learning Course in Information System in Industrial Management.
Authors: Pongrapee Kaewsaiha
Issue Date: 2553
Abstract: The purpose of this research is to develop and test the effciency of an e-learning course in information system in industrial management using a modular object-ortented dynamic learning environment(Moodle) software. The rearch started with the hypothesis that 1. The effciency of an-learning course is above 80/80 attaining an E1/E2 criterion 2.The students achievenment score in posttest is highen than in pretest. 3.The overall student's skill level is in a"Good" level or above. 4.Students satisfy in online learning activies in a "very satistied" to "most satistied" level. The samples in this research are undergraduate students who were studing in the major of Industnal Management,Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University and encolled in the information system in inournal management (IEM 3316) course in the first sermester of the academic year 2010. A total of 35 samplca were used in this study. Tools used in this research incluude the e-learning course in Information System in Industrial Management.Archiement tests,skill evaluation form,and a survey of student satisfaction.The statistics used for data analysis are percentage,mean,and Paired t-test. The researcher published an e-learning course of the corresponding subject at the website And the research had found that the effictency E1/E2 of the course is 65.71/71.58, which is lower than the threshold set at 80/8. The students' achievement score in potest is higher than in pretest with the statistical significance of .008. The everall student's skill is in a"Good" level and they satisfy in online learning activities in a "very satistied" to "most satisified" level.
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