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Title: A Study on Effective Of applying Case Study to Teaching on Advertising and Sales Promotion for Fine and Applied Arts Students in Business Administration Program at Suan Sunandhat University.
Authors: Assistant Professor Pattana Sirichotpundit
Issue Date: 2553
Abstract: The purpose of study was to build activties and evaluate learning activities by using the case study medium into the instruction of adventising and sales promotion course with the junior student groups majoring in fine and applied arts of computer graphic design while the majoring in handmade design was uswd lecturing method, and then comparing the assessment of learning effective in both groups. The sudjects consisted of fiuty-eight students, divided into two groups of twenty-five and twenty-three student : the expenimental group and cotrol geoup. The instrument used in this study were five case students in advertising and sales promotion of business firms, textbook,midterm and final examinations, and satisfaction questionnaire. The researcher laught both groups with the different learning activities as designed in thirteen times of the three periods. The experimental group learned with the case studies while the control group learned with lecturing methods.At the end of tome,the students from booth groups took midterm and final examinationtsts.
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