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Title: Logistic Management of Benjarong Industry in Samut Songkhram Province.
Authors: Assistant Professor Dr. Reudee Niyomrath
Issue Date: 2553
Abstract: The objective in doing the research regards logistic management of Benjarong industry in Samut Songkhram Province is to investigate on the management of the logistics of Benjarong industry in Samut Songkhram province including with analyzing the efficiency and to asses the potentiality in logistics management of Benjarong industry in Samut Songkhram province. In doing the research information gathering done in Interview, questionnaire, and assessment type. The research finding result 1. The logistics management of Benjarong industry in Samut Songkhram province finding, we found that the status in running the business, the establishment provide the activity to service the customer, making planning regards to the position location for the factory, having activity in the raw material procurement, the transfer of raw material and packaging process, the transfer and sending goods, reverse logistics, the distribute of goods, the distribution channel and recycle of material activity. For the logistics activity the establishment doing less activity which are the warehouse and inventory activity, the forecast, and the planning on the demand. 2. Efficiency of the management logistics industry of Benjarong industry in Samut Songkhram province finding, found that the establishment have high efficiency in quality wise are more efficient than the competitor. For the time efficiency found that it is more efficient than the competitor except the issue that are the problem which are the order processing cycle time within the establishment, the material handling and the packaging process including the inventory day of finish product to answer customer demand. For the cost efficiency found better than competitor and in normal level compare to the competitor. 3. The potentiality of logistics management of Benjarong industry in Samut Songkrham province found to have less ability level in 5 aspects arranging from the most as the efficiency and effectiveness in logistics aspect, information system management and information technology, organization coordination, organization strategy, Planning and operation wise. Suggestion 1. The research result can be use and bring the benefit to the establishment by setting the storage of general information system to be use as data base in use for the planning strategy and development for the near future including for the researcher, specialist, related working unit or department in providing more knowledge on the logistics management to the establishment increasingly. 2. Continuation research from the result of the research is to develop the logistics management such as to decrease production cost, management in transportation and distribution of goods, inventory management. By using the participatory action research that involving with the establishment and related working unite or department, including research by using the suggestion and demand from the establishment which study the identity of the Benjarong and local culture that involve with Benjarong of Samut Songkram province, to provide the conservation and culture tourism model.
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